PRIVATE ESCAPE DESTINATIONS CLUB of EMPIREVIP INC. ( is a company that offers a means to virtually every aspect of your entertainment needs. What separates us from other entertainment companies and gives us our uniqueness is our ability to offer access to such a wide range of entertainment services all UNDER ONE ROOF. With twenty years of experience.

We encourage you to take a look at this special package that we have put together exclusively for you. We want to offer you access to experience a VIP elite lifestyle of BEIJING and SHANGHAI , two of the most vibrant sleepless cities in the world. Give us the opportunity to unveil the mystery of NEW CHINA right before your eyes. Make yourself feel like a movie star, partying in the “Oriental Hollywood” every night. So go ahead…. if you think you can handle living like a star…. continue reading…. We dare you!

 Private Escape Vacation package includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from Los Angeles
  • Airfare inside China
  • All transportation provided by VIP transportation service
  • 8 nights in deluxe, first class hotels including western breakfast
  • 1 reception dinner hosted by the company’s VIP coordinate
  • All lunches and dinners are included
  • VIP access to golf country club
  • VIP all day pass to five star day spas
  • Beijing Duck Banquet and magnificent night show
  • Private exotic sexy dance show
  • Old Shanghai Fantasy Tour
  • Zhouzhuang “Oriental Venice” Tour
  • VIP access to nightclubs and all the night life arrangement by exotic and beautiful hostess, and more
  • And More.....

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: DEPOSIT AND FINAL PAYMENT: A 50% per person deposit, (plus waiver cost if available) is due 7days after itinerary confirmation to hold reservations. Final payment is due 30 days prior to departure. Prices are subject to change until paid in full.
CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS: Once under deposit, bookings are subject to change and/or cancellation fees. Cancellations received more than 30 days prior to departure are charged full 50% per person (plus any vendor charges). Cancellation charges will not be waived for any reason.
REFUNDS: Airfare is sold on a round-trip basis. There is no refund for a partially used ticket. Unused accommodations and other tour features may be refunded, but only after deducting no-show or early check out fees, according to each vendor’s policy. Partial refunds will take into account the loss of weekly rates or special offers that were based on minimum night stays.

AIR FARE: Economic round fare from Los Angeles. Business class upgrade is available upon request.
In Beijing:
N o.69 Banjing Road Haidian District, Beijing
Phone: 86-10-88598888
ZIP: 100036

The Century Golden Resources Hotel is located in the city's business quarter with easy access to the famous Summer Palace and the Great Wall. Built to 5-star standards, it is a comprehensive hotel integrating guest rooms, food and beverage services, Grade A offices, serviced apartments, unrivalled conference facilities, and leisure facilities. Total construction space is 186,800 square meters above-ground and 42,000 square meters underground.

In Shanghai:
1225 Nan Jing Xi Lu, Shanghai , China 200040
Telephone: 21-6279-1888
Toll free: 800-820-1225
Fax: 21-6279-1822
Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the 5-star Shanghai JC Mandarin is the mark of modern comfort and convenience, which blends the best of East and West. It is right in the middle of the business and shopping district on the famous Nanjing Road, just adjacent to the Shanghai Exhibition Center.
Beijing Country Recreation Golf Club
On the west bank of Chaobai River, Shunyi District lies Beijing Country Golf Club. It was founded in 1988 and now has developed into an international standard golf-links. The view of the golf-links is wonderful. There has a dark green man-made lake, island for fishing, exquisitely wrought jade bridge, green lawn and fruit forest for you to appreciate. Since 1997, the club has been continuously transforming their golf course, adding light-links, playing golf ball by driving and some facilities including bowling, swimming pool, body-building and tennis court accompanied with a completely sealed 2-storey, 42 ball exercise-court. Now the club house is well decorated and meal, meeting and lodgings are always at your service. The new Korea-style barbecue hall may accommodate 200 people.
Jiu Hua Hotspring Spa (The biggest multi-function resort creation center)
102211 Beijing Chang Ping Xiao Tang Mountain, Jiuhua Spa&Resort
Once Emperor Palace, Theme Park Today! Come and join our SPA Carnival in “A Basin of Golden Water” renowned from the ancient time , let your body and mind totally relaxed! The water of the hotspring is clear and limpidity. Its quality accords with the national standard of table-water. There are all together 21 types of hotspring bath and more than 40 pools vary in size and function. (For more information, please visit the website: ). The h ealing center combines bath and massage with sports medicine to strengthen the bone, joints and muscle. Bath includes shower and sauna. For men, we also offer salt bath. Massage can help remove fatigue and relax the mind. Also it can decrease pain and help to cure some illnesses. There is also a pediluvium center that offers foot massage. The foot massage can improve blood circulation and metabolism; strengthen immunity; release muscle strain; and forecast illnesses .
Candy Girl (Men’s Gas Station)

A nice comfortable and very relaxing massage center. You will be pampered by the strictly elected technicians, the beautiful eastern girls. These professional girls will bring you great comforts by providing: Body Oil Massage, Foot Massage, Prostate Care, etc.

The Forbidden City
A Tang Dynasty poet wrote a line about the royal palace of his time, which says "Without seeing the magnificence of the royal palace, one can never sense the dignity of the emperor." Magnificent and awe-inspiring, that is how every visitor would describe the Forbidden City, which served as the seat of imperial power during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911).
The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China, one of the greatest wonders of the world, was enlisted in the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Just like a gigantic dragon, the Great Wall winds up and down across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus stretching approximately 6,700 kilometers (4,163 miles ) from east to west of China. With a history of more than 2000 years, some of the section of the great wall are now in ruins or even entirely disappeared. However, it is still one of the most appealing attractions all around the world owing to its architectural grandeur and historical significance.

Hutong Tour
For those who are willing to probe the way the Chinese live, a jaunt down the intricate maze of Beijing's hutongs is essential. The hutong area is rapidly disappearing, replaced by modern apartments and stores. In this tour, you will be taken by pedicab (a tricycle cab), which was very popular in the old days to visit the Bell and Drum Towers, Prince Gong's Mansion and even to pay a visit to an ordinary Beijing family in the compound houses. If you are there at a meat time, you may be invited to a family "banquet" with local dishes.
Shanghai Nanjing Road and Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Zhouzhuang Tour
Welcome to Zhou Zhuang, the Venice of China! The town of Zhouzhuang is surrounded by lakes on its four sides, but what makes this place so special are its water lanes, stone bridges and old houses . If you want to get away from the New China, and see one of the best preserved ancient towns, you should take one-day trip to the marvelous Zhou Zhuang.
Silk Market:
The Silk Market is a hub of world fashion designs with inexpensive prices. Most of the things on sale are chic dresses, sandals, blazers, shorts and accessories that in tune with current trends and are hard to find in other markets.
Beijing Curio City

The biggest centre for curio trade in Asia, the charm of Curio City is that many of the stalls are run by people who have a real collector's love of what they do, rather than being just shop assistants.
Specializing in antique pottery, original paintings, jade ware and raw jade, bone carvings, antique furniture, pearls, antique carpets and antique time pieces, Curio City has something for people of all ages.

VIP Night Entertainment
Every night will be arranged with exotic and beautiful hostess

VIP Dinner Reception at the luxury Imperial
Fangshan Restaurant
hosted by

Beijing Fang Shan Restaurant offers exquisite food from former Chinese dynasties, set in Bei Hai Park, once an imperial garden. Waitresses in period garb lead you to the main dining room, which is splendid, with high painted ceilings and traditional Chinese art. There are menus that allow your party to eat the emperor's supper without straying too far from your familiar culinary range. Flavors are light, well balanced and interesting, and after 14 courses you will feel exceedingly well nourished.
Peking Night Show
Beijing Night Show is performed in a grand theater in Dayabao Hutong Dongcheng District near the Jianguomen Bridge. The show is concentrated on Chinese traditional performing arts. Every evening, the show is put on with a fantastic performance. You will find the mix of the Beijing Opera, the Chinese dance, the acrobatics and Chinese Kong fu over the pleasing music and spotlights and other modern stage arts. In the theater, dinner is served to make your presence more comfortable.

Beijing Night Show is a fabulous 90-minute, widely loved presentation which attract many theatergoers coming back for more. Some fans have seen it more than many times. You can dine till 7.30pm when curtain goes up. In the show, you can witness the display of terra-cotta soldiers and horses; you can't help but marvel at the grandeur of the Imperial Palace; you are walking along Hutongs lanes, adjacent to the walls of the Forbidden City. This is the night of Beijing and exciting comprehensive theatre where the Chinese civilization is going to be displayed in a life-like way through singing, dancing and banquet.
Beijing Kung Fu Show

Hailed by audiences and critics alike, the show illustrates the vitality and innovation of the new China of the 21st century: mystical, moving, amazing, sophisticated. A performance so big, so amazing with such spectacular scenes, it’s guaranteed to thrill audiences around the world like never before! (For more information, please see the website: This is a newly-produced show, which is produced by the best directors and designers of the country and performed by a group of the best Kung Fu practitioners of China. The show is a must-to-see show in Beijing for tourists and Kung Fu fans.

Sing a Song and Sing Along
Karaoke is an entertainment for people of all ages, from young kids to the old nannies. it is also a good way to mix with others, either business partners or colleagues. The rule is that everybody has to sing! And it is where the fun of this entertainment lies in karaoke clubs. You will find thick albums of song menus in every private rooms in which you can find thousands of songs not only in Mandarin, but in English, Japanese and Cantonese as well.
Hed Kandi Night Club
Every night promises to be legendary with Dark Disco-deadly Attraction. Sexy, Glamorous and Stylish is the Hed Kandi clubbing experience. The club set is varied and ground-breaking featuring big, hands in the air, vocal anthems and monster club tunes progressing through to darker, twisted beats integrating scratching and sampling. Hed Kandi brings a new dimension of elegance and sophistication to Beijing's nightlife. International DJs will spin a glittery selection of shimmering house and disco. Their influential nights have won the world over with lavish decor, upfront tunes and beautiful smiling crowds. Expect the unexpected, as Hed Kandi do the same in Beijing launching its opulent nights. Work hard and Play hard is the only life style.
Lake Bar Area:
Must visit. Beijing’s most popular beautiful lake bar district.
Private Exotic Night Club:
Exclusively serving our VIP clients with special exotic performances by a group of beauty in the most luxurious, cozy and romantic surroundings.

Day 1

1:40am Departure from Los Angeles

5:20am Arrival to Beijing. Free (relax and get acclimatized with your new surroundings.)

5:00pm Welcome Reception Dinner at The Imperil Food Restaurant, which boasts dishes once prepared for the emperor, so be prepared for a luxurious evening.

9:00pm Tour the Beijing’s most romantic Lake Bar Area

Day 2

8:00am Wake up / Breakfast

10:00am City Tour: Walk through the vast Tian’AnMen Square, the largest public square in the world. Shop at the famous Silk Market for the most popular fashion designs at bargain price

6:30pm Magnificent Beijing Night Show

11:00pm Back to Hotel

Day 3

10:00am Tour to Beijing Curio City, the biggest curio trade in Asia. Make yourself pampered at Massage Center by pretty angels

6:00pm Dinner at Thai Restaurant with performance

8:00pm Night tour to the famous modern walking shopping street, WangFuJing Street, which is filled with stores, cafes and restaurants.

Day 4

10:00am Tour to Forbidden City, the Imperial Palace, the world's largest palace complex.

5:00pm Foot Massage to reward your tired walking feet

7:00pm Dinner at the best Brazilian Restaurant, voted as the “Restaurant of the Year 2006”. Then, enjoy the fun of water-smoking pipe at the Sanlitun Bar Street

10:00pm Hed Kandi Night Club, a sexy and glamorous disco night

Day 5

10:00am Beijing Country Golf Club

6:00pm Private Exotic Night Club, enjoy luxury dinner, exotic dance show and Karaoke bar

Day 6

10:00am The fascinating Hutong Tour, lunch with a Beijing local family.

Visit some real property, or called “villa”, like single house garden area with beautiful European style of landscaping. You may find it worthy to invest for the great value comparing with American real estate market price.

6:30pm Spectacular Kung Fu Show

Day 7

9:00am Check out

10:00am Hiking on the Great Wall of China.

2:00pm Check in Jiuhua Hotspring Recreational Spa Center, enjoy spa/massage, dinner and show

Day 8

10:00am Check out. Leave Beijing for Shanghai by air

4:00pm Check in Shanghai JC Mandarin Hotel

6:00pm Stroll sleepless Nanjing Road with night view of beautiful Shanghai Bund Visit Old Shanghai Fantasy Museum

Day 9

9:00am One-day tour to Zhouzhuang, the “Oriental Venice”.

6:30pm Goodbye party at Disco Bar

Day 10

10:00am Check out. Departure for Los Angeles

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