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Our Master Chefs are committed to providing exact detail to exquisite cuisine. Under the   watchful eye our international Chefs, planning your event reception is a sure culinary adventure.
From platters of sumptuous hors d'oeuvres to elaborate courses on Caribbean, Latin Viennese dining, our talented Chefs enjoy surprising and delighting you and your guests.

Our goal is to make your event perfect. Our menus were designed to be individualized, and we will never try to fit you into a    pre-packaged mold. We want each menu and each event to be unique. You can choose one of several different menus    options: From a server-assisted buffet, to an elegant sitdown lunch, dinner, festive cocktail parties, and famous stationed events, where every dish is cooked to order right before your guests. We can provide a large selection of menus to accommodate any international culture or event.
Our customers are free to innovate or customized their orders with original ideas. Menu prices vary according to the events and your selection of the type of services you choose. For examples a sitdown dinner could cost a bit more than a buffet with the same menu. Ceremony fee, and taxes areadditional. For additional services, see the "Banquets Page".
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